Accepted Papers

GREC2017-163627 Extraction of ancient maps content by using trees of connected components
GREC2017-163790 Interpreting data from scanned tables
GREC2017-163863 An Efficient Combinatorial Algorithm for Optimal Compression of a Polyline with Segments and Arcs
GREC2017-164275 Automatic Orientation Correction of AEC Drawing Documents
GREC2017-164283 Extracting interactions from molecular pathways
GREC2017-164396 Searching for a Compressed Polyline with a Minimum Number of Vertices
GREC2017-164479 Approximate Fitting a Circular Arc When Two Points Are Known
GREC2017-164594 Automated Analysis of Phase Diagram
GREC2017-164635 Bootstrapping Samples of Accidentals in Dense Piano Scores for CNN-Based Detection
GREC2017-164665 Pen-based Music Document Transcription
GREC2017-164667 Music Document Layout Analysis through Machine Learning and Human Feedback
GREC2017-164753 Optical Music Recognition by Recurrent Neural Networks
GREC2017-164769 Camera-based Optical Music Recognition using a Convolutional Neural Network
GREC2017-164789 Graph-based deep learning for graphics classification
GREC2017-164899 Shallow Neural Network Model for Hand-drawn Symbol Recognition in Multi-Writer Scenario
GREC2017-164900 Bringing back Hieroglyph
GREC2017-164912 Towards a Universal Music Symbol Classifier
GREC2017-164917 Automatic Elevation Datum Detection and Hyperlinking of Architecture, Engineering & Construction Documents
GREC2017-164933 Pixel.js: Web-based Pixel Classification Correction Platform for Ground Truth Creation
GREC2017-164934 Learning structural loss parameters on graph embedding applied on symbolic graphs
GREC2017-164935 Extracting the ground level enhancement event of February 1956 from legacy cosmic ray recordings
GREC2017-164949 Document embedded images classification
GREC2017-165051 Groundtruthing (not only) Music Notation with MUSCIMarker: a Practical Overview
GREC2017-165052 Floor Plan Generation and Auto Completion Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
GREC2017-165055 A Novel Approach for Detecting Circular Callouts in AEC Drawing Documents
GREC2017-165059 On the Potential of Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Musical Symbol Detection
GREC2017-165064 How to Exploit Music Notation Syntax for OMR?